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Importing and using Font Awesome with Vue on Jul 13, 2019

In case you don't want to use vue-fontawesome, make requests to a CDN, or need a self-contained Cordova/PhoneGap application.

Mounting Docker volumes with Docker Toolbox for Windows on Dec 01, 2018

When using Docker Toolbox for Windows, mounting volumes requires additional setup steps.

Standardizing the code style in a Node.js project on Oct 31, 2018

Having a common style is valuable both to the project and the team. ESLint, Prettier and EditorConfig make this process fully automatic.

Fixing blank screen on Cordova/PhoneGap and Vue on Aug 31, 2018

If you tried to run you Vue application under Cordova, you might have ran into an issue where the whole screen is blank.

Installing and maintaining GitLab CE on Ubuntu Server on Aug 09, 2018

GitLab is an awesome product that will boost your team's productivity, and CE edition is free and easy to install on your local server.

Unit Testing Guidelines on Aug 06, 2018

It's not uncommon to see poorly written unit tests and unit tests that add no value. This can be avoided by following these simple guidelines.

Stop using Exceptions for Flow Control on Aug 02, 2018

Exception handling is a fundamental part of modern programming, but is often misused. One example of this is exception driven flow control.

Sharing clipboard and folders with VirtualBox on Ubuntu guest and Windows host on Jul 30, 2018

With VirtualBox, sharing your clipboard and folders with a Linux guest on a Windows host still has some quirks.