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Compacting VMware virtual hard disks on Jul 15, 2014

Usually the 'Compact' operation doesn't shrink the virtual disk size. See the step-by-step guide for compacting the disk properly.

C# scripting example using CSharpCodeProvider on Jun 26, 2014

Example with source code that demonstrates how to use the CSharpCodeProvider to compile and run arbitrary C# code at runtime.

Setting up local development domain with Apache vhosts on Apr 06, 2013

When working with Apache on web projects, you can use this convenient method to set up access to your project through a local .dev domain.

Moving Laravel 3 public folder on shared hosting on Mar 29, 2013

You can move Laravel's public directory to the public directory of your hosting account, but keep your application and framework code private.

Integrating StyleCop with Visual Studio Express on Mar 20, 2013

StyleCop is not directly supported in Visual Studio Express. However, it can still be integrated with a little bit of manual work.

Auto-mount VHD image script for Windows 7 on Mar 17, 2013

Support for mounting VHD images is very useful, but unfortunately drives do not stay mounted after reboot. Auto-mount drives with a script.

Running NuGet command-line on Linux on Feb 24, 2013

With a few twists and turns, it's possible to use NuGet on Linux. Troubleshoot common errors that can occur when running NuGet on Mono.

Using NuGet standalone command-line on Feb 23, 2013

You can use NuGet command-line even without Visual Studio installed. Use NuGet config files to automate installation of your dependencies.