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Stop using Exceptions for Flow Control on Aug 02, 2018

Exception handling is a fundamental part of modern programming, but is often misused. One example of this is exception driven flow control.

Sharing clipboard and folders with VirtualBox on Ubuntu guest and Windows host on Jul 30, 2018

With VirtualBox, sharing your clipboard and folders with a Linux guest on a Windows host still has some quirks.

JUnit Parameterized alternative on Oct 03, 2017

Writing parameterized tests in JUnit requires boilerplate that makes code less readable. This alternative provides simplicity.

Thrift Multiplexing in C# on Feb 15, 2017

Introduction to a powerful multiplexing feature that allows running multiple services running on the same address and port.

Setting up Laravel Homestead on Windows with Vagrant and VirtualBox on Jan 18, 2017

A step by step guide to setting up Laravel Homestead on Windows if you are having trouble following the official documentation.

State Pattern Encapsulation in C# on Jul 27, 2015

When implementing the state pattern, you usually have to expose members of the Context. Nested classes can help achieve encapsulation.

Creating a recursive template in KnockoutJS on Aug 28, 2014

When faced with a problem of rendering flat data as a hierarchical model with KnockoutJS, a recursive template will come in handy.

C# Apache Thrift Demo on Aug 18, 2014

Demo application that shows how you can use the Apache Thrift server/client with C#, including auto-generating code from a .thrift file.